How does a Humidistat Work?


A humidistat works basically the same way that an air conditioner or heater works. It measures the humidity in the air and when it reaches a certain level it turns on electronically.
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An electronic humidistat works by measuring capacitance of an air gap capacitor, or the resistance of hygroscopic salt, which absorbs water from the air. When measuring humidity against
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How Does a Humidistat Work?
A humidistat is a device used to measure and control relative humidity. It can be set for a desired humidity level, with the humidistat signaling to the humidifer to turn off the water supply once that level is attained. Humidistats, in the home, are... More »
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A humidistat is a device in which measures the humidity inside the home and it turns on when the humidity in the house is over a set level and turns off when the humidity is under a set level. You can find more information here:
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