How Does a Hurricane Form?


A hurricane forms when hot tropical waters are react with areas of low atmospheric pressure. The water begins to quickly evaporate and condense, creating rotation and the defined center or eye of the storm.
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Hurricanes, also known as tropical cyclones, form over warm, oceanic water. Without the aid of warm winds and water, they could not exist. When warm air rises from the ocean's surface
Clouds spiral towards the center of the storm and warm air rises and cools. A tropical storm can also become a hurricane. It wipes out houses and any things on ground. Hurricanes
As rescuers raced Tuesday to free people trapped by floodwaters caused by Hurricane Irene,
How does a hurricane form? Do they just form when Mother Nature gets angry? No they don’t, hurricanes form in tropical regions. They form there because they need warm water
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Tropical cyclones form where heat and moisture from the surface of the ocean interact with a wind pattern that spirals air inward. The water vapor condenses into storm clouds which are further fueled by the heat and wind.
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