How Does a Hurricane Form?


A hurricane forms when hot tropical waters are react with areas of low atmospheric pressure. The water begins to quickly evaporate and condense, creating rotation and the defined center or eye of the storm.
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Couds spiral towards the center of the storm and warm air rises and cools. A tropical storm can also becaome a wipes out houses and any things on ground.
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Hurricanes form when there is moist warm and moist cool air that move around, and then organize, and then when it is over warm waters, it can gather a lot of strength, and when it
1. Monitor news and civil service reports after the hurricane has passed. Do not attempt to return home or to your business until local officials give the all-clear signal. In extreme
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Tropical cyclones form where heat and moisture from the surface of the ocean interact with a wind pattern that spirals air inward. The water vapor condenses into storm clouds which are further fueled by the heat and wind.
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