How Does a Hydrostatic Transmission Work?


A hydrostatic drive system uses several liquid-filled cylinders in the hydrostatic drive system, which transmits power from the motor to the pump and within the motor itself. Since liquids are incompressible, any force applied to one end is transferred in its entirety to the far end of the piston. This force of the liquid moves into one piston and then causes movement in the other, and this sliding then is transmitted into a force between the two pistons. This movement is displaced into the wheels on either end of the motor, creating the torque for which the motor is required.
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A hydrostatic transmission is different from a traditional transmission. A hydrostatic transmission works with liquid. It has an axial piston pump that can move around and is not in one fixed place. It can move in many positions, allowing for greater functionality. An external power source powers the pump that provides the gas. As the speed increases, and the control handle goes forward, more hydraulic flow is sent to the motor. The hydrostatic transmission usually runs on gasoline.
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How does a hydrostatic transmission work? Hydrostatic transmissions are the way to go in lawn tractors and farm equipment. It is a simple system that has been used for many years.
In simple terms it is like an automatic transmission in a car. Your riding mowers will either have a hydrostatic or a (5, 6 or 7 etc. speed transmission. As it sounds the 5, 6,or
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A hydrostatic transmission is commonly found in farm equipment like tractors. It is a simple system that has been used form many years. A hydrostatic transmission ...
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