How Does a Lever Make Work Easier?


Levers are a great creation for those that need to lift objects that can be very heavy. By having a lever it reduces the weight of the object needed for lifting.
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how does levers make work easie.
Levers reduce the weight of an object, reduces the work, trades force for
Levers help us multiply the force that humans are capable of lifting. The ancient Romans used levers to construct huge structures. Source(s)
In point of fact it doesn't. By increasing the distance to the fulcrum you decrease the amount of force that needs to be aplied but increase the distance to have the same effect meaning
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Levers and pulleys are simple machines that make work easier by improving mechanical benefit, meaning that they decrease the effort needed to perform a task. Here ...
Lever is a simple machine that uses a pivot to lift its load, since the lever can turn depending on where the load needs to go to balance them two a fulcrum is ...
A lever works by helping you overcome gravities force. This is done by making use a a fulcrum. The placement of the fulcrum can determine how much effort is needed ...
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