How Does a Lever Work?


A lever works by helping you overcome gravities force. This is done by making use a a fulcrum. The placement of the fulcrum can determine how much effort is needed to move an object. You can find more information here:
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1. Find levers around your house and garden. Levers lift a load by perching on a pivot point, called a fulcrum, that places the effort at the end of the long arm and the object to
Any object which when used has a pivot point (a point it turns about) sometimes called the fulcrum, so that you can apply a force at one point (called effort) and a force is then
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A lever is mainly used to move a large object, and there are many different types from simple machines to more complicated ones that can move large loads. The tow parts are the lever and the fulcrum it rests on.
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Levers are a great creation for those that need to lift objects that can be very heavy. By having a lever it reduces the weight of the object needed for lifting. ...
Lever is a simple machine that uses a pivot to lift its load, since the lever can turn depending on where the load needs to go to balance them two a fulcrum is ...
Fulcrum is the pivot about which a lever turns. It is also a point in the body against which a structure can act as a lever, or against which it can turn, lift ...
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