How Does a Lightning Rod Work?


Metal attracts electricity, so it attracts lightning. A lightning rod is mounted high in the air and works by getting itself electrocuted and sending that shock down a metal rod into the ground.
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Its placed on the top of a tall building (because lightning strikes the highest point first) once it strikes, the electricity flows down the metal wires connected to the lightning
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The one-way rod is a popular style of traverse rod that pulls all curtain panels to one side. In an article for HGTV, interior decorator Rosemary Sadez Friedmann recommends this style
The average occurance of lightning only lasts about a quarter of a second. Lightning travels at amazing speeds of up to 60,000 miles
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How Does a Lightning Rod Work?
The lightning rod was actually invented over two-hundred years ago in 1749 by Benjamin Franklin in his process of attempting to explain exactly how lightning worked. He speculated that if a large iron pole with a sharpened tip were placed higher than... More »
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