How Does a Lightning Rod Work?


Metal attracts electricity, so it attracts lightning. A lightning rod is mounted high in the air and works by getting itself electrocuted and sending that shock down a metal rod into the ground.
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How Does a Lightning Rod Work?
The lightning rod was actually invented over two-hundred years ago in 1749 by Benjamin Franklin in his process of attempting to explain exactly how lightning worked. He speculated that if a large iron pole with a sharpened tip were placed higher than... More »
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A lightning rod is a wire mounted on top of buildings to protect it from lightning. It was invented by Benjamin Franklin in June 1652 in Philadelphia. ...
The function of a lightning rod is to attract lightening during storms. Its main purpose is absorbing the lightening electricity which may be destructive. ...
Lightening arrestors are devices that are used in telecommunication systems and in electrical power systems, and they protect the systems from lightening. When ...
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