How Does a Liquid in Glass Thermometer Work?


The liquid-in-glass thermometer is the most common kind of thermometer. It is a thin glass tube that has a small bulb at the end. This bulb is filled with a silver or red fluid, usually mercury. When the air around the thermometer becomes warm, the liquid swells up and pushes up the hollow glass tube. The scale on the thermometer will then tell us how high the liquid rises in degrees thus telling the temperature.
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Liquids expands on heating and contracts om cooling , when it expands it gives the reading.
The magnetic thermometer measures with the bi-metal spring mechanism that is in the center of the thermometer. The base of the thermometer is held against a still surface that stays
most outside temperature sensors on cars are located underneath near the front bumper bar. The sensor is far away from the engine body itself so the temperature measured will not
The liquid inside the thermometer expands when it gets hot and
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