How does a Lobster Trap Work?


Lobster traps, which are called 'Pots', usually have two openings. The lobster enters into the opening, which can be in a cone shape, and eats the bait. They are unable to back out of the trap, so they enter into another section by going forward where they are held. You can find more info at:
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1. Identify all traps and buoys with either the permit code assigned by the fisheries regional office or with identifying markings as prescribed by the vessel's state of registry
A fisherman's lobster pot traps lobsters by baiting lobsters into entering the trap where it cannot escape. You can learn more information about Lobster Traps online at the Wikipedia's_l...
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How Does a Lobster Trap Work?
It takes a lot of work to get a lobster from the ocean floor to your kitchen table, but the traps used to get them there have changed very little since the 19th century. Although the handcrafted lobster pots made of wood and knotted twine largely have... More »
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