How does a merry-go-round work?


Most of the merry-go-rounds work in the same way. There is a large bearing located at the top of the centre post and long, thick metal rods are attached to the bearing that radiate down like the spokes on an umbrella. The rods meet with the ends of the long wooden beams or sweeps that are also attached about halfway down the centre post to a stabilizer bearing. The sweeps are normally parallel to the ground while the entire ride platform and the entire horses hang off of those sweeps like a circular swing set, in which there are no wheels or tracks underneath the ride.
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Merry-go-Rounds sit on top of a flat platform covered with rollers that work like ball bearings. A motor in the center of the platform turns it around. A bevel gear in the top of the canopy then spins the rods which moves the horses up and down.
A merry-go round is an amusing ride that consists of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders. The device uses a giant motor to turn two leather belts which drive the two counter-rotating wheels which then turn a large flywheel. The flywheel is attached to steel shaft which turns a giant toothed ring which makes the merry-go-round rotate in a circular manner.
The way a merry round works is that there is a very large bearing at the top with long and thick metal rods attached to the bearing. They spiral down and as the gears turn the merry go round, the metal rods go up and down.
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