How Does a Microscope Work?


A microscope works by using lights, mirrors, and glass to magnify. The mirrors and glass bend the light in a certain way that it makes small objects appear larger. You can find more information here:
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How Does a Microscope Work?
A Bright Field microscope is the most basic type of microscope almost everyone has seen or had the opportunity to play with sometime in their lives. It consists of a plate over which is suspended a tube. This tube contains an eyepiece connected to an... More »
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Most microscopes make use of convex lens to bend light rays. When you look at the object on the slide of a microscope, the light comes in, bounces onto the lens ...
A microscope works using a process called refraction. As a light is shined through a specimen on a plate or slide, the image is sent through a series of of magnifying ...
A light microscope uses a focused beam of visible light to magnify objects for observation. It works in a similar way as a refracting telescope but with several ...
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