How Does a Military Mortar Work?


Military Mortars play a unique and vital role on the Air Land Battlefield by firing many bullets at a time. The mortars fire into the deep defilade created by tall buildings and can also fire out of it. The mortars provide unique indirect fires that are organizationally responsive to the ground manoeuvre commander.
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The military used 120-mm shells, among the largest mortar rounds in Gaza.
Add and drop = move the mortar tube up or down = a lateral change in spread/impact. Right or left = a horizontal change in spread/impact. These are all done in mils; 1 mil = 17.7
There is no 'standard' mortar round, but most travel between seventy and three thousand meters.
The chances of you losing every means of communication are nil to none. You have radios, BFT, AFATDS, etc, etc.
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