How Does a Money Gram Work?


For one to use the Money Gram service, one will be required to use their nearest branch. To send money using this service, will require one to carry the money he or she wants to send in cash and a valid driver’s license. Once at the branch, the sender of the money will fill out the sending form with the payee’s information. Once the form is filled, the sender gives the money, pays a service fee and receives a receipt that contains the reference number of the transaction. This reference number is sent to the receiver by the sender of the money, as he or she will require to use it on the other side to withdraw the money sent.
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Money Gram is a way to wire money without using a bank. You will have to find a Money Gram provider in your area in order to send one. You can usually find them at grocery stores
1. Find a pick-up location. Go to the MoneyGram website and click on “Find a Location” and then “For Receiving Money” (see Reference) Enter the country. Enter
I think the answer right now is that they don't make money. It doesn't seem that they involve themselves in the financial transaction. I would imagine that this will change at some
no money gran in africa.
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