How Does a Mudslide Form?


A mudslide will form from heavy rainfall that causes the soil and bedrock to move. Once the slide starts, it can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.
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Mud that lay on a hill and when heavy rain comes the mud flows down the slope to create a MUDSLIDE.
Debris flow is a generic term used by scientists to describe the rapid movement of rocks, soil, water, and vegetation downhill. A debris flow could be a mudslide or a landslide, depending
Winter snowstorm conditions arise when a mass of warm, moist air rises from the Earth's surface into colder layers of the atmosphere. Several scenarios are possible: A warm, moist
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Mudslides are cause by upper levels of the ground becoming unstable, usually during extremely hard rains. Large fires can also be a factor in mudslides, because the upper, more stable levels of the ground are burned away.
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