How Does a Pendulum Work?


A pendulum works by being precisely balanced to continuously move back and forth without stopping. It is connected to special gears which click over one space at each swing of the pendulum. These gears correlate with each other so they activate the next gear and keep the pendulum swinging.
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Gravity In order to operate, pendulums require a weight attachment at the end of them. With gravity, the pull of the pendulum will move from side to side at an even rate. The path
A Focalt Pendulum is a Large pendulum that is free to swing in any direction. As
1.0 of a minute a second.
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How Does a Pendulum Work?
A pendulum works by using gravity to transfer potential energy to kinetic energy and back again. The amount of total energy in the pendulum is determined by the size of the mass at the end of the pendulum and the height the mass is raised above its... More »
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