How Does a Person Get Two Different Colored Eyes?


Heterochromia iridium is the term used for people who have a variation in the color of the iris in their eyes. It can also refer to skin tone or hair color. The color eyes a person has is determined by the amount of melanin that is distributed as well as concentrated in the person's genetic composition. A condition known as hypoplasia means that they have a low cell count and a lack of melanin, which causes them to get two different eye colors at birth. The color variation is actually just a lighter or darker iris in the eye which appears as different colors. Eye color changes after birth can be caused by other underlying conditions.
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Genes are passed on by both parents and the genes that are dominant determine what the offspring's eye color will be. Just because both parents have blue eyes, it doesn't always mean
Different colored irises (a condition known as. heterochromia iridium. is caused by a lack of melanin in one of the eyes. It is thought to result due to an alteration in one of the
Heterochromia iridium is the fancy medical name for
I've been searching for accurate statistics on this subject for years (my grandfather has heterochromia iridum, so it's always fascinated me). All I can say is that you'll have a
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Heterochromia iridum is the technical name for when a person has two different colored eyes. It is the result of increased or decreased pigmentation of the iris. ...
Having two different colored eyes is known as Heterochromia Iridis. The odds of having two different colored eyes is very rare. There is only an estimated 200,000 ...
Eyes are different colors due to melanin in the person's genetic makeup. The more melanin the darker the eye color. Some peoples eyes appear to change color but ...
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