How Does a Platypus Find Its Food?


A platypus finds its food underwater; platypuses have concentrated folds of skin to cover their eyes and ears and are able to close their nostrils completely. This way, they are able to stay underwater for over a minute without breathing in water or getting it in their ears or eyes. The platypus hunts for food for about 12 hours a day and eats around 1/4 of its body weight every day.
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The platypuses is specially adapted to find food in an underwater environment. As carnivores, they are predators; they eat small water animals such as aquatic insect larvae, fresh
When searching for food, the platypus is relying on its
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A platypus is a mammal that can lay eggs and are found in Australia. Platypus spends 12 hours averagely looking for food everyday. They are carnivorous animals that feed early in the morning and in the evening. They feed on fish, tadpoles, frogs and shrimps.
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The platypus is a shy and mysterious creature, hiding during the day, and doing most of its searching for food in the night. It makes up to 100 dives while searching ...
The platypus weighs between 1 kg and 2.4 kg. or around 2 lbs to just over 5 lbs. Found in Australia, the platypus can consume its weight in food in one day. The ...
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