How Does A Propane Furnace Work?


A propane furnace needs a pilot light to work. When the pilot light is lit the flame ignites the propane fuel to the burner. The thermocouple is an electronic device that senses the flame from the pilot light. It keeps the main gas valve open allowing propane to flow constantly to the pilot so it can ignite the burners. The furnace functions by heating air that it takes in and returning it to the outside by sending it through the heating ducts.
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1. Pay close attention to the capacity of the propane furnace. The furnace needs to be able to adequately heat at least the square footage of your home. You might need more capacity
Propane furnaces are available from plumbing and heating retailers. Many local businesses that offer home repair also have physical stores with home appliances such as heaters and
Updraft heating and cooling unit, air
Propane furnaces start at around $1,300 not including installation. Propane furnaces cost 30 to 60 percent less to operate than electric heating pumps.
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