How Does a Refrigerator Keep Food Cold?


The refrigerator works by regulating and maintaining a temperature of 0-4 degrees Celsius. Gas is converted into liquid in the metal coils inside the fridge and then to gas. Fridges are very useful in preventing spoilage of food, so you can keep food fresh for longer.
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Although all the components of the refrigerator work together, the compressor and the gas flowing through it are probably the most important parts. Refrigerators work by absorbing
Immediately before the home refrigerator became commn, the Ice Box was used in many homes. This was an insulated container that was kept cool by a block of ice placed in a section
I think if most people open their refrigerator they will see: meat. (cold cuts, bacon, beef, chicken) for use in a day or two. bread. eggs and mayonnaise. milk, butter and cheese.
The refrigerator should be set below 40 degrees F at the most,
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How Does a Refrigerator Keep Food Cold?
A refrigerator will keep food cold by converting gas into liquid, then liquid into vapor. Basic physics maintains that when two surfaces come in contact with the other, the surface with the higher temperature will cool to equal the temperature of its... More »
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