How does a Rimfire Cartridge Work?


Rimfire cartridges work by having the primary in the rim of the cartridge casing instead of in the center. The hammer strikes the outside of the cartridge which sets off the charge and fires the bullet.
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How Does a Rimfire Cartridge Work?
Ever since Eli Whitney invented interchangeable rifle parts, there's been a great deal of uniformity imposed on firearms manufacturing. The same is true for the manufacturing of ammunition, since it has to be up to the standards or the guns it will be... More »
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1. Identify the muzzle energy generated by the rimfire cartridge. Compare this to the type of hunting or shooting you'll be performing. Cartridges with higher muzzle energy such as
Rimfire cartridges are comprised of a soft lead bullet, a case most often made of brass, and the smokeless propellant (powder)
for current rimfire cartridges, it would be the .22 WMR for obsolete rimfire cartridges, it would fall between the 46 ballard long rimfire, it was started in the 1870's and they stopped
As far as I am concerned, the .17 HMR is the best thing since sliced bread. It is my favorite cartridge, period, rimfire or centerfire.
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Rimfire cartridges work by having the primer cap in the the rim of the cartridge. When the firing pin hits the cartridge, it strikes the rim of the cartridge, ...
Rimfire is a type of firearm cartridge. It is essentially an extended and widened percussion cap which usually contains the priming compound. They are typically ...
Rimfire cartridges have the primary charge inside the rim of the casing. Since the hammer of the firearm that uses Rimfire cartridges is usually round. This ...
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