How does a saliva swab drug test work?


A saliva swab drug test is one of the most ineffective drug tests used. Some of the chemicals in marijuana can be detected with a saliva swab test for 1-3 days after use and no more. You are given a spongy swab that is attached to a stick, very similar to a lollipop and you put it in your mouth for a few minutes being sure to rub it up against the inside of the cheek. The sponge is then tested for chemicals that may have been left behind from drug use.
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it does not.
Metabolites are contaminants that get in your blood as a result of drug use. They can be tested for the type of drugs used, but not how much or how long they have been used. Metabolites
If your test is in 3 hours, you might be SOL. Good luck.
The safe way is to simply not do drugs. However, you can by special...
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