How Does a Screw Make Work Easier?


There are so many ways through which a screw makes work easier. For starters, they are able to hold things tightly. They are better than nails even when it comes to fixing them.
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Mechanical advantage, think of a screw as a wound up ramp. To get some thing up high, its easier to push it up a ramp rather than raise it straight up.
This is just a guess, but screw caps are much simpler than flipcaps, and so I would say they're more expensive to manufacture and assemble. For some products like Tomato Ketchup,
It makes removing and inserting screws a snap!
in science physics there is a thing called joules. a joule is a meausre of amount of work......or something like that. the equation for joules or work is work joules(W)- equals force
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A screw is used to put and keep something into place. It is pointed at one end and has threads that help place it into the material that needs to be secure. ...
Screws work and function well as a simple machine because they use laws of tension to attach one thing to another. A screw has a spiral threading that runs down ...
Jack screw is a screw in combination with a lever and it is an example of the wedge principle. The thread is an inclined plane and the circumference of the screw ...
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