How Does a Shark Adapt to Its Environment?


Sharks have special features that enable them to adapt to their environments. They have a special organ called rete mirable which helps them to keep their body temperatures above the water temperature. They are also able to detect other creatures in the water through electromagnetic fields with the help of organs called Ampullae of Lorenzini. This aids them in locating their prey.
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'sharks have extremely large teeth to catch their prey' 'sharks have become feared by other animals including boxer crabs, MAKING IT EASIER TO CATH AND EAT THEIR PREY!
Very very well. Fossil evidence indicates that sharks have been swimming in the earth's oceans [retty much just as they are today for millions and millions and millions of years (
Burrowing is an adaptation that serves two purposes, both of which help the overall population. Crabs burrow into the sandy ground around them to avoid predators and create a safe
They have an excellent sense of smell, they can smell their prey from over
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