How does a Shunt Trip Breaker Work?


A shunt trip breaker isn't as complicated as you might thing. A shunt trip breaker works much like a normal circuit breaker, the only difference is that a shunt trip breaker has an additional function. It has a built in magnetic coil that can energize externally to trip the breaker.
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It works just like a normal circuit breaker with one additional function. A shunt-trip breaker also has a built-in magnetic coil that can be energized externally to trip the breaker
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Pretty simply. I'm sure you know that it's nothing more than a tripping device with whatever voltage your applying. When you refer to a microswitch it can be anthing from a pushbutton
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How Does a Shunt Trip for a Circuit Breaker Work?
Every building has an electrical panel that allows distribution of electricity to various areas within the space. Controlling the electrical power is a group of circuit breakers, including the shunt trip.... More »
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Working similar to a circuit breaker, the shunt trip breaker will trip when it receives power from another source. Normally this source is like when the sprinklers go off in a building, the shunt trip will shut down the power preventing people from getting electrocuted.
A shunt trip breaker works like a regular breaker but in addition to that it trips if a signal is sent to a fire alarm or sprinkler system shutting down electrical equipment before any water from the sprinkler system hits them.
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