How Does a Smokehouse Work?


A smokehouse is a building where meats or fish are cured with smoke. These houses can also be used to store the finished products for a year or more. They are small enclosed buildings often with a vent and a single entrance. A slow hardwood fire is made inside to ensure the proper drying of meats.
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1. Get smokehouse plans from SmokeHouse Plans or another source. Their plans are detailed and easy to follow, thus giving you a reliable smokehouse. 2. Build your own smokehouse.
To build a smokehouse you need to construct a small shack of some sort with a hole in the roof to vent some of the smoke. You then places coals and smoldering wood on the dirt floor
Smokehouse: a building where meat or fish is cured by means of dense smoke. ChaCha!!
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A smokehouse is a structure in which meat or fish is cured with smoke. An ...
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