How Does a Soft Start Work?


A soft starter is an electronic device used to protect electronics from current burst when switched on. It is made up of a series of silicon-rectifiers that work together to regulate voltage so that the motor is first given a low-voltage surge as the motor starts to turn. Normally, the switches turn on in rapid succession to let more and more voltage through. This often helps electronic components to last longer.
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A soft starter device starts a motor by modifying the voltage waveform. Waveforms refer to the shape and form of a wave generated by voltage, or the electrical force that drives a
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A soft starter regulates the voltage through a motor, so that the motor is first given a low-voltage surge, which ramps up as the motor starts to turn. This saves on the wear and tear of electronic components. Soft starters are usually made from solid-state switches known as silicon-controlled rectifiers.
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