How Does a Spark Plug Work?


A spark plug is used as a starting combustion inside of an engine. The operation of a spark plug happens when the plug is connected to the ignition which creates a change in the structure of gases to become ionized. You can find more information here:
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How Does a Spark Plug Work?
Spark plugs exist in every combustion engine. The function of the spark plug is to do just as the name implies--provide a spark to the combustion chamber for rotational movement of the engine. This spark will ignite, combust or explode a flammable... More »
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When you buy spark plugs they sometimes come already gaped for you, but its always better to check the gap. You can get these gap's at the parts store, they will have them up front.
It's gotten a little more complicated to learn how to change spark plugs. Older vehicles still use spark plug wires. Newer cars feature the wasted spark system, which uses one coil
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1 Look for black, fuzzy soot on the insulator. The presence of this soot, or carbon build up, reveals the presence of fuel that is rich. Readjust the carburetor so that a full burn
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Spark plug non-foulers supposedly work by sucking up the gas vapors from around the spark plug. By doing this, they extend its life. There is a lot of skepticism ...
If a spark plug does not spark in order or at the correct time, you either have a faulty spark plug, faulty spark plug wire or a faulty distributor cap. Make sure ...
A diesel engine is one that runs on diesel fuel. It is a compression ignition engine (it does not have spark plugs like a gasoline engine. Also, in a diesel, the ...
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