How Does a Sphygmomanometer Work?


A sphygmomanometer works together with a stethoscope to measure and monitor blood pressure. The simple term for it is a blood pressure cuff. The cuff is placed on the upper arm of a patient and wrapped tight. The medical professional listens to the pulse with a stethoscope while pumping up the inflatable cuff. Listening to the patient's pulse, or heart beats will tell the blood pressure, also referred to as systolic over diastolic pressure. A level of mercury is used in the blood pressure cuff monitor, similar to how a thermometer detects a temperature.
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It is an instrument for measuring blood pressure and especially arterial blood pressure. :)
An instrument for measuring arterial blood pressure.
1. Place the stethoscope ear pieces around your neck and wrap the cuff of your sphygmomanometer tightly around your upper arm. Lay the blood pressure meter of the sphygmomanometer
Sphygmomanometer is an instrument used for measuring blood pressure...
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