How Does a Stylus Pen Work?


A stylus pen is an input device used to write text, draw lines, or select from a menu on an electronic tablet or screen. It uses electromagnetic resonance technology in which radio waves are sent to the stylus and returned for position analysis. The tablet picks up the information in the pen's tip in order to determine position and other information like pressure and Tool ID.
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1. Touch the tip of the stylus to a program, folder or document on the touch screen. 2. Pull the stylus away. This method is known as "tapping. Tapping is used to open programs
1. Gather the needed materials. Ad. 2. Take apart the pen to get the ink tube—basically strip the pen of everything but the clicker (you don't need it, but it makes your stylus
a pen that is like a stick but doesn't write
The Ball Pen Side One defining characteristic of a stylus pen is that it does not always have feature a working ink pen. Lots of stylus pens use ballpoint innovation. To make the
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How Does a Stylus Pen Work?
Stylus pens are devices designed for use with touch screens. These pens allow users to "write" on the touch screen much as they would a pad of paper, allowing input of handwriting, drawings and other gestures. Early portable devices often required a... More »
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