How Does a Tower Crane Work?


Tower cranes are used in construction of tall buildings. They work after being fixed to the ground, which helps in attaining height that is of a lifting capacity.
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How Tower Cranes Work
How Tower Cranes Work
Tower cranes are a common fixture at any major construction site. They're pretty hard to miss -- they often rise hundreds of feet into the air, and can reach out... More »
A tower crane is supported on a large concrete pad that measures 30 feet by 30 feet by 4 feet and weighs 400,000 pounds and large anchor bolts are embedded into this pad to support the base of the crane. The base connects to a mast/tower which gives it its height and attached to the top of the mast is the slewing unit made up of the gear and motor which allows the crane to rotate. The long horizontal jib or working arm carries the load with a trolley running along the jib to move the load in and out of the crane’s centre.
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1. Obtain construction permits from the county or city that the work site is in. To use the tower crane you must first be engaged in construction at the side. Then you need to obtain
Very tall tower cranes use the self-jacking section of the mast to remove one mast section at a time. Once the main boom is near ground, a conventional crane removes the main boom
( ′tau̇·ər ′krān ) (civil engineering) A crane mounted on top of a tower which is sometimes incorporated in the frame of a building.
How Do They Grow? Tower cranes arrive at the construction site on 10 to 12 tractor-trailer rigs. The crew uses a mobile crane to assemble the jib and the machinery section, and places
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Tower cranes are a type of crane that is fixed to the ground and sometimes to the sides of structures. They are used when tall buidlings are being constructed. ...
To put up tower cranes, mobile cranes are used. Counter weights are then added to the jib. To reach the maximum height, the crane automatically rises one mast ...
1. Excavate a pit for the tower crane base and fill it with concrete. Sink steel anchors into the concrete; these will hold the first section of the crane's mast ...
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