How Does a Turbo Actuator Work?


A turbo actuator works by acting as a pressure relief valve that controls the turbocharger boost output. It lets the exhaust gas to escape and slow the turbine. For more information, go to:
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on the top of the turbo '02 plate will have a rubber hose connected to it.
So im guessing its a internal wastegate? Wiggle it to make sure its not stuck open and check the diaphram on the actuator itself. You may also have a MAJOR boost leak somewhere. What
take off pipe going to the intercooler from the turbo see if oil is found and clean then other pipe from incooler check it .if oil is found .drain oil in intercooler .you have an
Swirl pots are indentations about 15 mill deep in the crown of the piston.As the fuel is injected it fires into the swirl pot where it mixes with the hot air to commence combustion.As
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