How does a Universal Remote Control Work?


Infrared radio signals are how your remote communicates with the television. This signal is through the red LED bulb on your remote which gives off infrared pulses. Pressing buttons on your remote sends these signals to your television which enables you to input codes to program your unique models.
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Most remote controls work using infrared signals, invisible to the naked eye, which are beamed from the remote to the television set. The signals contain pulses which the TV receives
Let's look at what the remote does and then it may become apparent how it works. The remote does several things to accomplish it mission. There isn't a ton of difference between an
The two types of remote keyloggers, hardware and software, work in the same basic manner. The software keylogger runs as a hidden/invisible process that intercepts (logs) all keystrokes
1. Enter your garage with your remote and press the "Learn" button on the remote system. This button is located on the back of the motor near the light lens. 2. Press the
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How Does a Universal Remote Control Work?
A universal remote control can be easily programmed to simultaneously operate different types of electronics devices, from TVs to stereos to DVD players without regard to the model or brand. These remotes look like and have similar button layouts to... More »
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