How Does a Unloader Valve Work?


An unloader valve works physically, automatically or pneumatically using air pressure. When the compressor is indicting the system the inlet valve is open and the outlet valve is closed. If the discharge pressure from the compressor surpasses its safe limit 10 bar or 145 pounds per square inch (psi) -air force acting on a spring lifts a diaphragm or membrane against the downward pressure and opens the unloader valve.
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The unloader valve periodically releases pressurized air building up inside the air compressor. The unloader valve is an integral part of reducing the pressure on the air compressor's
A special type of pressure regulator installed as part of an accumulator system. Its functions are to direct fluid into the accumulator system, to maintain pressure within set pressure
The Karcher K2400HH and G2400HH do not have an unloader valve, they have a spill valve which is located under the black cap on top of the pump. The spill valve needs to be removed
SHINERAY engine Engine: 125cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder and air co...
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Unloader valves do not always work in a similar manner. Different manufacturers have different techniques of tripping their unloader valves but its purpose is to unload trapped air over a compressor piston. You can find out how different designs work from websites like ehow, epowerwash and youtube.
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