How Does a Volcano Erupt?


A volcano can erupt when the magma chamber has a pressure build up. When the pressure builds up to a certain point, the magma will be pushed up through the volcano and it's various tubes. You can find more information here:
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How Does a Volcano Erupt?
Pressure and high temperatures beneath the earth's crust causes rocks to melt down. Melted rock turns into a liquid form known as magma, and this magma is constantly trying to force itself to the surface because it is less dense than the rock that lies... More »
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Making a volcano erupt is a great experiment. You can use a paper mache or dirt model volcano. You need to mix 2 spoons vinegar and 1 spoon dish washing liquid, place in small container
The volcano science project is a classic that has been recreated each generation. The student typically builds a papier mâché model of a volcanic mountain. The student
Very broad question! Basically when a plate gets subducted under another the rock turns to molten rock and consequently becomes less dense. As the material is less dense it rises
The magma builds up pressure under the crust, it then rises to the surface to release the pressure and evetually overflows over the top.
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Volcanoes erupt when molten rock and magma come from the earth onto the surface. When magma erupts it is referred to as lava which can be thick or thin with slow ...
Volcanoes erupt due to built up pressure on a magma chamber deep below the surface of the Earth. This building pressure forces the magma from the chamber to be ...
The heat within the earth melts rock to create magma. Since magma is lighter than rock, it slowly rises toward the surface until it pushes through. This is called ...
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