How does a weight distribution hitch work?


Weight distribution hitches work by alleviating the pressure of the trailer's weight from the real axle of the vehicle that is towing the load. This is done by using spring bars to distribute the pressure.
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How Does a Weight Distribution Hitch Work?
When any vehicle tows a heavy weight, there is a tendency for the weight of the load to pull down the rear of the towing vehicle. A travel trailer attached to a regular hitch can drag down the rear of a heavy-duty truck enough to compromise safety. When... More »
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1. The first step is to take some simple measurements. This will help us during the adjustment steps. Start by lining up the tow vehicle and trailer on level ground, in a straight
There are many places online can you can research to find a weight distribution hitch for your trailer. There is a place called Reese Hitches where you can find one and of course
See the instructions on this site... should answer ALL
On your receiver hitch or hitch receiver, you will usually see the tag with classifications for maximum tongue weight and maximum trailer weight. The lower weight is for WC which
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To adjust a weight-distributing hitch, first make sure that the work is being performed on a level surface. Measure the height of each end of the tow vehicle. ...
1. Make sure you are working on a firm, level surface. Slide the hitch into the hitch receiver on your tow vehicle and secure with a pin and cotter key. Level ...
A weight distributing or distribution hitch is a towing hitch with a stabilizer on it. This prevents imbalance due to a difference between tongue weight and gross ...
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