How Does a Well Water Pressure Switch Work?


Well water switch works in such a way that the switch will enable the machineries inside the well to create pressure so that it will be easier to get water from the well. Some areas still have this while those who already have water access can just skip this.
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Well water pressure switches work to monitor the overall pressure in the system. There are sensors in the switch that send signals to run and filter out additional water. When the well water is at a specific level, the pump turns off so that enough water is held at any given moment to provide enough water for your home. The pump shuts off automatically when there is 10PSI in the system. Back-ups happen when a sensor goes bad in the filtration system.
A well water pressure switch works by telling your pump when to start and stop. Your pump is what brings water up your well into your water tank (holding tank). When the water tank is full the pressure switch tells the pump to shut off. When the water tank is not full (i.e. you are using water in the home) the pressure switch tells the pump when to start to bring more water to the tank. You can find more information at
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