How Does a Wide Angle Lens Work?


A wide angle lens sees wider and takes in more picture than a standard lens. It provides a large depth of field, making it simple to have the foreground and background in focus. The only downside of this lenses is that it tends to show distortion, just like in a curved mirror, particularly when a subject is photographed close-up.
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The angle of view on those cameras is already very wide. If you add the 0.45x adapter to the 110 deg field of view, you will have a field of view of 159.5 degrees. That is extermely
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How Does a Wide Angle Lens Work?
Lets compare a wide angle lens to a "standard" 50mm lens. A standard lens (also referred to as a normal lens) provides a view like the one you see with your eyes. A standard lens is a non-zoom lens, but it does allow for a broad range of aperture (light)... More »
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