How Does a Windsock Work?


A windsock is a fabric structure, typically made in the shape of a tube or cone, that when hung in the air can determine the direction of the wind. However, it should be noted that the wind direction is the opposite of the direction the windsock is blowing. The windspeed can be determined by the angle at which the windsock is blowing relative to the surface it is mounted from.
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How Does a Windsock Work?
A windsock is one of the simplest things known to man. It is a sock of material that is sown into the shape of a tube. The tube material is cut to form a taper when stitched together. This taper effect allows the wind sock to float in the air due to the... More »
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A windsock is often made of cloth in the shape of a cone with the tip cut off, or even shaped like birds and fish. As the wind blows through it, it points out the wind direction and
Windsocks are cloth cones attached to fixed mounts. They are designed to show the direction and relative speed of the wind. Windsocks are used at airports, seaports, chemical plants
Answer A device used to indicate wind direction. ---- A: It's a device made of cloth or cloth-like material, that is shaped like a cone, perhaps 6 feet long (but can be longer or
[ܒwindܖsäk] ˈwindܖsäk n. a light, flexible cylinder or cone mounted on a mast to show the direction and strength of the wind, especially at an airfield
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A windsock is like a kite, when the wind gets into the windsock and it starts to fly but it is attached to a building or into the ground with pretty colors. ...
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