How Does Age Affect Pulse Rate?


As you age, your pulse rate will get slower as your heart rate decreases. A healthy person over 60 should have a slow, steady pulse rate and should exercise gently.
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A person's resting pulse rate is exactly what it sounds like, the beats per minute when someone is at rest. Check for a resting heart rate first thing in the morning after a good
Music can affect your pulse by speeding it up or decreasing it depending on the music. Upbeat or fast paced music can increase your pulse by hyping you up. Relaxing music with a calming
Fever will generally raise your pulse rate. Through several indirect factors, an infection in your body will raise the rate at which youir heart beats. This is smart, because you
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Age affects pulse rate. Younger people have a higher pulse rate than elderly people. According to Healthline, pulse, or heart rate, is the number of times the ...
Some of the factors that affect an individual's pulse rate include: inhaling, which lowers the pulse rate, emotional stress, which hastens the pulse rate, physical ...
There are a number of factors that affect pulse rate. For instance, when the body temperature increases, pulse rate increases and when body temperature decreases ...
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