How Does Age Affect Pulse Rate?


As you age, your pulse rate will get slower as your heart rate decreases. A healthy person over 60 should have a slow, steady pulse rate and should exercise gently.
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incresed age = decreased resting heartrate and decreased exercising heart rate (in an average healthy person)
A person's resting pulse rate is exactly what it sounds like, the beats per minute when someone is at rest. Check for a resting heart rate first thing in the morning after a good
In the sedentary population, cardiovascular performance declines progressively with age. However, much of this decline is due to 1)physical inactivity and 2) increased body weight
Fitness, general health, age, emotional status and fatigue are 5
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Some of the factors that affect an individual's pulse rate include: inhaling, which lowers the pulse rate, emotional stress, which hastens the pulse rate, physical ...
There are a number of factors that affect pulse rate. For instance, when the body temperature increases, pulse rate increases and when body temperature decreases ...
The pulse rate of an individual gradually decreases from birth to adulthood after which it then increases with advancing old age. In addition, heart rate and blood ...
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