How Does Ammonia Kill Bacteria?


Ammonia is a common ingredient in household cleaners. It is only a mild disinfectant. Ammonia does kill some bacteria however it doesn't kill bacteria as well as bleach which is considered to be the strongest germ killing chemical for cleaning.
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The easiest way is to mix water and bleach in a fifty fifty mix. What ever surface you clean with it will have the bacteria eliminated.
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Ammonia is NH3 a small molecule made of one nitrogen atom linked to 3 hydrogen atoms. It kills bacteria by raising the PH to highly alkaline levels where bacteria can't survive. When
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The best killer of bacteria is an antibacterial. Antibacterials come in many forms. You can get them in soaps or lotions. Household bleach also kills bacteria. ...
Antibiotics can be used for killing a number of bacteria. Germs have learned to become stronger due to the overuse of antibiotics. Antibiotics have been designed ...
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