How Does an Automatic Gearbox Work?


The very important piece of engineering that allows an automatic transmission to function is called a torque converter. Start first by the identical process occurs in a torque converter, except that transmission fluid takes the place of air, inside the torque converter are several components that help multiply the power. These are namely: the impeller or pump, the stator or guide wheel and the turbine. A torque converter is said to look like a giant doughnut that has a impeller and the turbine that face one another inside the round metal casing secondly as one fan begins to spin, the other will spin as well and through centrifugal force, the fluid moves to the outside of the blades, where it is redirected by a third fan, called a stator, back to the turbine side and finally this continual flow of fluid is what causes the power to be multiplied.
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The automatic transmission works by taking the power from the engine and sensors and sends the info to the computer and then in turn sends it to the torque converter and the gearbox
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An automatic gearbox works to make it possible for the car to automatically shift gears without the driver manually doing it. How a gearbox works depends on the transmission mode in use. This depends on the make of the car and the make of the transmission.
An automatic transmission has no clutch pedal. Gears shift automatically. Once you put the transmission into drive, everything else is automatic.
An automatic gearbox works in concert with the brakes, accelerator and the drive shaft. This enables spinning of the drive shaft depending on the amount of power coming from the accelerator and when the brakes are applied, the gearbox decreases the speed by slowing the drive shaft.
Until electronic wizardry came along, an automatic gearbox, also known as automatic transmission, was controlled mechanically, gear selection being worked out from road speed, gear lever position and the throttle was setting. Hydraulic servos would then engage the required gear and lock the torque converter when a given road speed was reached. And this was all done mechanically, with nothing more sophisticated than an electrical switch to prevent the engine starting unless it was in P or N and to work the reversing lights.
In automatic Gear transmission is automatic because the car has no clutch pedal. Gears shift automatically. Once you put the transmission into drive.
An automatic gear box functions by means of a torque converter which allows automatic transmission to function by leveraging the power supplied by the car's motor. It also has a set of varied planetary gears which determine the cars shift. The gear shifts are determined by sensors which are attached to the vehicle's revolutions per minute.
An automatic gearbox works with some tremendous mechanisms. It uses series of gears to switch between high speed, low speed, high power, and?Ÿ?ÿlow power,?Ÿ?ÿ?Ÿ?ÿetc.
An automatic gearbox works by automatically changing the gear ratios. It uses a torque converter. To see a video illustration, go to:
An automatic gearbox works by changing the gear ratios automatically. It is able to do this with a torque converter. For a video illustration, go to:
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