How Does an Earthquake Occur?


Earthquakes occur when two layers of our Earth, called plates shift and run into each other. If you live in a earthquake prone area, you should always have a plan and emergency supplies on hand. You can find more information here:
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Earthquakes occur when two of the Earth's plates, which are constantly moving against each other, get stuck. When they become unstuck, a huge amount of energy is released and and
Which type? As your question says, there are several kinds. What kind are you asking about?
The earth is made up of a number of layers, including the core, that radiate outwards at different depths and sizes. The surface of the earth is the layer called the crust, and the
Pressure builds along the tectonic plates of the earth ,when the pressure becomes great enough it causes the plates to shift or[slip] suddenly this is what causes earthquakes.
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How Earthquakes Work
How Earthquakes Work
An earthquake is one of the most terrifying phenomena that nature can dish up. We generally think of the ground we stand on as "rock-solid" and completely stable... More »
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Earthquakes occur when two blocks of earth suddenly slip past each other. This sudden release of energy causes the seismic waves that make the ground shake. The ...
Earthquakes occur in vary high rate. For every 4 hours, one small Earthquake occurs. But those are having very less intensity. Large Earthquakes occur about 40 ...
Earthquakes normally occur when rock underground abruptly breaks along a fault. Earthquakes can as well be triggered by certain explosions underground. Human factors ...
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