How Does an Echo Work?


An echo is generated when sound from a source bounces off a hard material like a wall, multiple times. The sound needs to travel for a long distance for the echo to be audible, prolonged and loud. The bouncing replays the sound that is heard as an echo.
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If you scream or yell while you're outside, you might hear your voice a few times before it suddenly stops. What's happening is the sound waves you make are bouncing off of objects, like walls, and return back to your ear so you hear them again. When the sound waves lose their energy, you stop hearing the echo.
This is one of the simplest examples of how sound waves work. When something, say a person, makes a loud noise, that noise bounces off objects and returns back to where it came from. The closer the object, the louder the echo. Once the sound wave has spent all its energy, you cannot hear the echo anymore.
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