How Does an Electric Plug Work?


An electric plug is connected to the wall and connected to three colour coded wires. The red/black wire represents live wire, the white wire is neutral wire while the green wire is for the earth wire. Appliances are connected to its outlet. The plug will allow the electricity to pass from the electrical wiring to the appliance when needed.
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It is important to determine which type outlet to be rewired, standard two-prong or three-prong wiich includes the ground. Make sure all power is shut-off. After the face plate is
1. Cut off all power to the room at the home's fuse box. Remove the plate surrounding the existing plug socket with a screwdriver. Loosen the socket unit by taking out the two screws
Cyprus uses the same 13 Amp, 3 pin plugs that are used in the UK.
ALL these previous answers are off the mark... A perfectly normal 2 prong table lamp or grounded 3 prong table lamp WILL spark when plugged into a wall socket if the lamp switch is
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Electrical plugs simply work by connecting to the home's electrical wiring. The electrical wiring is done according to the colour coding scheme used universally. ...
Typical electrical plugs connect to the home's electrical cabling using 3 color-coded wires. The black cable for the live wire, white for the neutral wire and ...
Power plugs are designed to provide a convenient and safe means of connecting appliances to electrical sources. A three pin plug has a top pin being the earth ...
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