How Does an Immobiliser Work?


An immobiliser works by disabling the ignition, the fuel system, and the starter motor. It is activated by a microcircuit that is found in the key that activates a binary code. The code is then relayed to the car's Electronic Control Unit that recognises the correct code, and then it allows the systems to be activated.
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An immobilizer refers to an anti theft mechanism which prevents an engine from starting unless an ignition key is present. It works by disabling systems needed to start a car such as the ignition and the fuel supply. The computerized system allows only the right key to operate and start a car. You can visit wisegeek for more information regarding the same.
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Car insurance underwriters motivated car companies to install transponder immobilizers starting in the late 1990s in Germany. The German insurance underwriters stated that in their
hi all the alarm and immobiliser is under the drivers side dash,just about on line with the bonnet pull will see it where there is a little aerial sticking out.hope this
immobilisation: fixation (as by a plaster cast) of a body part in order to promote proper healing; the act of limiting movement or making incapable of movement
If it is a factory one then you can deactivate it.
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Leave one key on the Ignition for five minutes. (Immobilizer is powered by Ignition only) This we believe charges mini power source. 2. Try the second for five ...
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For a Key Fob to work, it has to be inserted into the ignition and then started. When this happens, the immobiliser system in the vehicle begins an electronic ...
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