How Does an Inclined Plane Work?


An inclined plane works because it increases the distance that the load has to be moved. That makes it easier to move the load by using less force. For example, if you're loading a moving van, it's easier to push an entertainment center up the ramp of the van than it would be to lift it in.
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How Does an Inclined Plane Work?
Inclined planes work by increasing the distance the load must be moved, thereby decreasing the force necessary to move the load. An example is pushing a couch up the platform of a moving van. A few people could probably heave the couch up into the van,... More »
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An inclined plane makes work easier by reducing the exertion needed for the job while increasing the distance over which that exertion is maintained. The angle ...
An inclined plane is, essentially, a ramp. Inclined planes are useful for a wide range of physics experiments, and they can demonstrate basic physics principles ...
An inclined plane is a simple machine. It has a surface that is slanting. It is said to form a horizontal plane that forms any kind of angle except for the right ...
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