How Does an Internet Dongle Work?


Internet dongle is part of the wireless technology and is use to authenticate some software. This hardware is plugged into the PC through the USB port and its frequency is used as a wireless internet access point.
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1. Plug the Bluetooth dongle into one of the computer's USB ports. Install necessary device drivers if not recognized by your version of Windows. 2. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon
You plug it into a usb port and off you go. Many are plug and play, if not software will come with it. Source(s)….
(you can't) Why would you want to is a better response. If your trying to get wifi anywhere just get something like the mifi from verzion/sprint or the usb one from tmobile prepaid
So here I am, writing this article using my new mobile broadband connection, on the train as I travel home from London. My dongle just plugs into the USB port of my laptop, and Im
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