How Does an Occupation Become a Profession?


An occupation refers to a job. A profession refers to your lifetime career. A profession is a professional career. If you start out as an administrative assistant and then work your way up to management, that is an example of an occupation becoming a professino.
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Become an occupational therapist by taking classes in psychology and anatomy in high school. Go on to college, continuing to study human development and physics. Once you earn a bachelor's
A profession refers to a type of job in which the person is required to have completed significant higher eduction, often a graduate degree or higher. Some traditional professions
The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular occupational therapy as a profession. Occupational therapists. help patients improve their
This is such a tough question because this can change significantly by country and by industry. In the US in general, one could argue that Software Engineers are the least accountable
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A profession refers to a paid occupation particularly the one that engages in prolonged training and a proper qualification. The term may also refer to the ceremony ...
Profession and occupation have similar meanings but they also differ slightly. A profession is a job that a person has they they specifically studied for or went ...
The difference between profession and occupation is that a professional is paid for their particular skill. Some examples of professionals include engineers, doctors ...
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