How does Boll Weevil Destroy Cotton Plant?


The boll weevil is a beetle which lays its eggs on the boll. As there are around 200 eggs, this damages the exterior of the boll. The larvae, when hatched, eat the cotton.
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The boll weevil, a small, gray or reddish-brown beetle approximately one-quarter of an inch in length, both satisfies its hunger and grows the next generation of weevil within the
It eats the cotton.
They munch out of course. They need new winter clothes. They eat away at the roots of the plants.
Adult feeding on leaf petioles in young,
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How Does the Boll Weevil Destroy the Cotton Plant?
A boll is the rounded capsule that contains the seeds of the cotton plant and provides the name for the infamous boll weevil of the South--an insect legendary in history for its ability to destroy cotton harvests.... More »
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Boll weevils destroy cotton plants simply by eating them. Adult boll weevils eat it all through the growing season and lay their eggs in the cotton bolls. When the young boll weevils are ready to come out, they eat their way through the precious cotton fibers in the boll. You can find more information here:
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A cotton boll is a seed pod which when ripe splits open and exposes seeds which are covered in cotton fibres. Cotton plants belong to the genus Gossypium, which ...
Some pests that are harmful to the cotton plant are the boll weevil and the rapid plant bug. Other pests are grasshoppers, cotton fleahoppers, aphids and the southern ...
Cotton is made from the fibers within the boll, the seed pod, of the cotton plant. When ripe, the boll pops open revealing the fluffy, white puffs. These are stripped ...
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