How Does Bread Mold Reproduce?


Bread mold uses spores to reproduce. It releases the spores which is what helps the mold to grow. This is asexual reproduction.
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1. Check the expiration date or "sell by" date on the bread products in your home. If the bread is several days old or feels stale, it may show signs of mold. Expired products
Mold, found on old or unrefrigerated bread, comes from fungi, one of the most ubiquitous and
bread mold in about 10/15 days it deepens what type of bread it is.
Finding a Mate. First, a beetle has to find a mate to reproduce. The majority of beetles use pheromones, or chemicals, to find a mate. Female beetles release the pheromones, which
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Bread mold reproduces and takes over a loaf of bread by releasing spores into the air. It is spores in the air that land on the bread that causes bread to mold in the first place.
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