How Does Carbon Form Convalent Bonds with Four Hydrogen Atoms in a Methane Molecule?


Carbon forms 4 covalent bonds with 4 hydrogen atoms in a methane molecule by sharing one valence electron with each hydrogen atom. An atom of carbon has 4 valance electrons and it wants to have 8. By sharing with hydrogen it will have 8 in its outer orbital.
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a single carbon atom "borrows" the electron of 4 hydrogen atoms to form CH4.
since they say non-polar : The valence electrons are shared equally between C and H. more time around C is more correct though. F most electronegative atoms. Mg in same column. C3H6O3
When there are enough
As usual in chemistry, we are explaining an experimental fact by using an explanatory model. The reasoning, however, has to be based on a more sophisticated model than the Lewis structures
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Methane is produced by hydrogenating carbon dioxide via the Sabatier process. It is a molecule made up of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms, and thus, it ...
one carbon atom in C. 2. H. 2. forms four bonds one bond with hydrogen and a triple bond with other carbon. ...
Any carbon atom can form a covalent bond with nitrogen. Carbon needs to form four bonds while nitrogen only needs to make three bonds. For this reason, hydrogen ...
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